Monday, May 5, 2014

My Mimi

Tonight I was hungry
     For a bacon sandwich
But I did not realize
     Until I ate the last strip
     Of thick pork
That what I was really craving
     Was a moment,
     A memory of my Mimi.

And 'tho my stomach filled,
     My heart remains empty
Longing for one more day,
     Another meal together
     One last chance to ask her
About the origin of
     The little wooden rocking chair
     That she gave me.

If only I could send her
     A picture and a note
Then await her handwritten reply --
     A comment on the weather
     Her most recent favorite meal, 
And how cute my kittens are
     Sitting on the embroidered blue seat
     Of her miniature rocker.

But that post will never arrive
     Because her memory
Will linger longer than
     The smell of bacon
     Hanging in the springtime air
And more moments will come
     That remind me of my Mimi
     And her love. 

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